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Booking Taxi better than Private Driver?

Well, that's the hundred dollars question, every frequent traveler thinks about. In 1897, when Gottlieb Daimler first invented taxi, people were excited to see them move on in something much faster and with ease rather than traveling with a private horse carriage that not only took a lot of time but also cost them a lot of dollars to keep the horse and their private escort in good health and motivated respectively.

Let's just fast forward to present- an era which is believed to be the revolution of technological advancements. All of the products and services are facultative to a person who desires to be living with it. You just have to name it and producers will provide you with what you demand. But we have to be pragmatic about what we choose which leads us to the debatable topic Taxi or Private Driver?

We will be discussing both the pros and cons of both sides so you could decide what's best for you!

The average cost of a Taxi Vs Private Driver:

According to Uber and Lyft costs £10.41 to £9.76 on average taxi ride while a private driver could cost you around £60 minimum an hour and don't forget your fuel cost. You must have figured out what you can afford by now, but there are non-monetary factors too so we should keep moving on.

You can calculate your fare rate now to compare your rides through the form given below:

Traveling Time:

Booking a taxi might take long waiting time and due to some driving speed limits laws, some taxi service provider might not take you to your destination faster even if you are in a rush, reaching to your home, office or party always late which leaves you an option of hiring your driver who will not only take you any place on your alacrity as well as on a timely-schedule. At least he cares about you, Well he should! You are paying him a hefty amount for the service though. There is also one more thing you could do to not get late. WAKE UP EARLY!


Traveling with a private driver is safer than traveling in a cab with an unknown person. People traveling with worthy things or heavy amounts, they need someone trustworthy to travel with and having a private driver is all they could have. Traveling in a cab is safe too if you have nothing too important to be careful about.

Taxi companies also provide safety guidelines on how to tackle unexpected situations and if unfortunately, something worse happens, you can sue that personnel because companies have all the security credentials available. You don't have to worry for such mishaps if you are traveling in Reading Cabs as they are equipped with state of the art GPS Dispatch systems Anyhow, you should be careful all the time whether it's your escort or a cab ride to your destination.


The very obvious thing that comes in every individual's mind is what are they traveling in. If you are a bit choosy and classy, you will ride in a similar car but if you give worth to your time more than the transport you traveling in then good for you. Seems like you are sensible enough, no offense to the classy peeps.

Not everyone can afford a fancy car so they book a cab and Reading Cars are providing iconic Black London style taxis that are fully convenient with spacious comfortable seats for at least 5 passengers and are fully equipped to securely accommodate wheelchair users.

Waiting on your convenience::

Hiring a driver means you don't have to worry or rush if you are pre-occupied somewhere else. He will not bother you so you could get done with what you were indulged in. No worries for your ride to get canceled or to look up at a tired or frustrated face of a cab driver and one more thing you don't need to pay an additional amount to your driver.

Insurance cost:

Having a personal car comes with some extra cost and you know what we are talking about. Insurance is safety for your car but you have to bare a monthly fee for it. One thing you should keep in mind is the driver's insurance needs to bought separately and usually you have to pay for it. On the other hand, riding in a cab saves you from paying all of these expenses making your traveling budget more effective and convenient.

Considering all the points above, we leave this hundred dollars question to be answered by you. If you have enough money to hire a driver it may make your life easy but booking a cab ride on your convenience also has its perks.